S group had hoped to win over moderate Republicans as well as Democrats.

A series of 1993 memos and briefing notes shows how the Clinton White Home anticipated – – but was eventually overwhelmed by – – Republican lines of attack against medical care reform work, which collapsed under criticism through 1993 and 1994. Laying out an early strategy for pushing the plan through Congress, the summary memo urged tight control by at the very top group of White House officials – – a technique that ultimately drew criticism as one reason behind the legislation's demise .This approach is in keeping with action Health Canada has been taking since acrylamide was discovered in foods in 2002 such as for example determining the degrees of acrylamide in Canadian meals, exploring how acrylamide can be formed in food, studying its long term effects on humans, and developing ways of reduce acrylamide levels in meals. As the data relating to the risk of acrylamide in foods is usually incomplete, it is difficult to determine recommended maximum exposure levels or even to set daily intake limits for specific foods containing acrylamide.

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