Stated Joe Stauffer.

BESST was developed based on feedback from the FDA as well as input from expert consultants and key opinion leaders, stated Joe Stauffer, Chief Medical Officer of DURECT Corporation. We expect completion of enrollment in the first half of 2011 . – About the design BESST.

About FabryFabry disease is a lysosomal storage disorder , which, ability of the body ability of the body in a specific fatty substance within the body due to lack of a specific enzyme .Of The the total global exposure to X – radiation and gamma radiation, has 55 % of below dose medical diagnostics as bone, breast and dental X-rays, and 43 % natural sources such as radon. Another sources, such as industry, X-ray radiationc research, military weapons testing, nuclear accidents and nuclear electricity generation account for around 2 per cent. Neutrons become contained in the report ’cause cancer to humans. ‘as well as a listed They cause genetic damage similar to that X-ray radiation and gamma rays , and thus the same cancers carry. Neutron radiation is inserted fewer than other kinds of radiation in industry, medicine and research. To the civilian population to neutron particularly a cosmic ray the earth’s atmosphere the earth’s atmosphere.

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