The authors write.

The authors found that the laws enacted by Vermont and Minnesota to the public with easy access to information about payments from pharmaceutical companies to physicians and other health professionals do not provide. ‘In Vermont, 61 % of payments were not released to the public because pharmaceutical companies designated them as trade secrets and 75 % of publicly disclosed payments were missing information necessary the the recipient,’the authors write. ‘In Minnesota, 25 % of companies reported in each of the three years. ‘.

Partial view of Pharmaceutical Company Payments to Physicians By Disclosure Laws Providedlaws in both countries, the disclosure of pharmaceutical company payments to physicians do not provide the public with easy access to payment information and are of limited quality when accessed, according to a study in JAMA. Interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and health care often with payments, including cash, gift certificates, meals, textbooks or conference fees Unlike many other professions, medicine allows payments from a company to a person, whether and how often to use the products from the company decides. To avoid undue influence, the American Medical Association recommends that gifts to physicians should benefit patients and should not be more than $ value value, a recommendation similar to those of other medical organizations and the Pharmaceutical Research and manufacturers of America, according to background information in the article.Philip Schofield prompts you to Measure UpThis campaign secure by TV presenter Phillip Schofield. He said: I am delighted help Diabetes UK Measure Up campaign, which invites men see if waist and find out if they are at risk of type 2 diabetes. Folow the link for full dates and locations of road shows in July, and road shows links related links.

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