The biggest killer nobody talks about it.

Than a year, than a year, pneumococcal vaccination rate for children in the land now has reached 90 %. The Vaccine Initiative is a collaboration between the Rwandan government and international health organizations, including the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization . The agreement will be pneumococcal vaccines, which currently costs about $ 70 per dose available in developed countries for $ 3.50 for the developing world, the blog writes. Alex Palacios, GAVI Special Representative of the U.S. And UN told the NewsHour that Millennium Development Goal 4, the infant mortality reduce will not be satisfied unless we focus on two specific diseases, pneumococcal and diarrhea .. Kenyan Advocates file Appeal To Men be arrested for neglect TB treatment to freeChina’s Health Minister Comments on HIV / AIDS in migrants, strengthening health services – reported PBS NewsHour the Rundown blog about Rwanda to prevent efforts to pneumococcal disease, the biggest killer nobody talks about it, Sun Orin Levine, Executive Director of PneumoACTION Project at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Reuters AlertNet how affected the drought in Chad and looks at the expectations for the future. south of the Sahara to subside be the worst has been averted and with a good harvest a good harvest , we think we should quickly from an emergency situation, Jean-Luc Siblot, head of the World Food Program said in Chad (Fominyen.. Abundant rains in Chad have raised hopes for an end to the severe shortage of food, but the effects will linger and lead to new difficulties in Africa Sahel region in 2011 predict helpers, reports the Reuters news agency. has triggered with signs that neighboring Niger has also weathered the worst of a food crisis of the last year’s drought, seems to be the threat of all -out famine in the semi-arid Sahel region examined .ZIOPHARM Oncology has announced a Phase I / II trial at Memorial Sloan – Kettering initiated Cancer Center in for the novel, mathematical – oral doses of Indibulin is determined in treatment of metastatic breast cancer. – anticipated the Phase I trial, that include about 20 patient and intended the maximum tolerated dose will be a mathematical model of mouth Indibulin implementing delivery unscheduled – 5 days and 9 days – the convenience to the convenience of oral administration, but also maximizes drugs activity, limit potential toxicity and stability.

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