The development needs focus more on high-mortality tumors.

In contrast, the five cancers with the most active development target cancers with a lower five-year mortality rate of approximately 226th ‘This mismatch is unfortunate for patient,’says Davis. Cancers with higher mortality currently make less vaccines in development for therapeutic vaccines for make the biggest difference in cancer care, the development needs focus more on high-mortality tumors.

Strong, rapid immunity in the second patient with a very small DMD gene deletion was a surprise, said Dr. The amount of protein, the corrected dystrophin is also foreign to be small, gene. May be ignored along with the T-cells. .Nonprofit Cancer Awareness on prevention – Prevent Cancer Now & The Saunders – Matthey Cancer Prevention CoalitionMost of the studies, media attention and Krebs agencies to ignore cancer prevention, exaggerate drugs cures .

3) exposure to carcinogens to joint personal care and home products.

4) Pesticide in our food, and diets that are consisting of processed food deprived of antioxidants and providing essential nutrients.

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