The discovery.

The discovery, in an editorial dated 11 May issue of the peer-reviewed journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics explained, could have important implications for the use of immunotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer, said Ayyappan K. Rajasekaran, a Jonsson Cancer Center researcher and lead author of the article.

Rajasekaran and his team demonstrated for the first time that obtained in this study, prostate cancer cells one well differentiated morphology, hidden with PSMA in the apical membrane of the cell, even when the cancer spreads outside the prostate – a fact that was not previously proven. Many researchers believed, in fact, the opposite was the case, Rajasekaran said. Could have so discover the mechanism of movement of the PSMA to treatment accessible place on the cell consequences for the treatment of seriously ill patients, those in which the cancer has spread. The ability to reverse the polarity of PSMA from apical to the basolateral could have significant implications for the PSMA as a therapeutic target, the study.Through the support through support as subsidies from the Maternal and Child Health office and the Center for Media and Child Health.

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