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Beijing’s mayor declares town to be unlivable because of life-choking smog What can happen to foreigners as a city swathed in fog on a chilly rainy day is often a Chinese city smothered in smog, a kind of air pollution so harmful that some officials make reference to the populous city as unliveable, The Guardian reports. More than modern times, China’s air pollution is continuing to grow increasingly worse, prompting federal government officials to demand total reform of its commercial practices . Nevertheless, the trek to curb this environmental crisis is a slow one, with financial growth still acquiring precedence over public safety. Chinese officials blame the country’s elevated pollution on broadly distributed polluting factories, in addition to a significant boost in the quantity of automobiles on the roadways.

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We are very happy to announce that also, for the very first time, we will sponsor a Workshop on ‘Biospecimen Pre-Analytical Balance and Diagnostics: A joint NCI BRN/SPIDIA Workshop’! A Diagnostic Development Guide will be held before the Main Meeting to be able to address issues important to understanding the improvements, development, restrictions, and validation of molecular markers. This Diagnostic Advancement Guide, ‘From Hypothesis to Item’, is available to a limited audience and can feature didactic presentations and practical discussion of true to life challenges.. Be ready for another generation of cancer treatments We invite you to wait Markers in Tumor cordially, a joint conference by ASCO, November 2013 in Brussels EORTC & NCI which is held 7 – 9.

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