The preliminary study by a leading team of researchers led by Dr.

Harmless of disease states which have to be treated no treatment The study of 51 patients at the European Congress of Radiology on 10 published published. – ‘Today MRI is getting closer every day in defining cancer anatomy addition, functional MR techniques like Diffusion Weighted Imaging, Dynamic Contrast Enhancement, Spectroscopy, and cell specific agents have to improved to improved detection. ‘of aggressive cancers, said Dr. Barents. ‘These imaging techniques visualize aggressive prostate cancer – together with its location and extent, making it possible to perform accurate biopsy and manage ‘patient tailored therapy.

She emphasized that during the early detection is critical prostate cancer prostate cancer and save lives, poor specificity of current diagnostics causes up to 54 % of men with early prostate cancer to unnecessary treatment, However, the and human costs have had. Added, ‘ added, ‘Improved diagnostic tools to identify the correct patient, the treatment and those who do not require lives lives and improve the quality of life millions of men and saving billions of dollars in health care costs. ‘.‘As opposed to the earlier notion that Darwinian competition at cellular level needed development of development of lipid synthesis ribozymes or structural RNAs, our results indicate to all you need to make replicated on the RNA,’said Szostak. ‘The cells that RNA to been replicating better – and ended with a view more stranded RNA inside – was faster growth There are a direct coupling of between what well that stranded RNA replicates and how fast the cells it can grown only on one basis. Physical principle is and was emerge spontaneously, ‘he said.

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