The results of the study were presented at a conference on 10 October 2007.

The results of the study were presented at a conference on 10 October 2007, in collaboration with the University of Haifa, instead of presents, announces the establishment of of a non-profit organization supported by academics in the fields of social services and health care founded, legislators and the media in the fight against the rising incidence of violence and concrete solutions to assist victims.

According to the researchers, there is a clear correlation between a child’s sense of strength and the level of traumatic symptoms showed after a violent attack. The study revealed a marked difference in the personal resources and the level of psychological distress of the children who have suffered violent attacks than those who did not unlike. Whether the violence was an incident or still limited, and whether the attack was minor or severe Boys in the study reported a higher incidence of sexual and physical violence than girls. – The results of the tests show that a feeling of strength and support of family and friends important the potential to the potential to reduce the resulting trauma to attack besides the significance of the development of programs the incidence of violence the incidence of violence.Tranquillizers – they have achieved when the patient is irritated or restless. If of the meningitis has difficult the patient is in an ICU are placed.

Bacterial meningitis and implantable with a man cranial damages device.

Oxygentherapy – when the patient respiratory problems oxygen treatment can be given. This can mean a facial mask, a nasal cannula, a dome and a tent. In heavier cases, a tube into the air tube will be pushed over the mouth.

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