The study followed one the original clinical trial.

A part of this article provide seed money for each PIK professorship in neurosciences and interdisciplinary neuroscience initiatives to School of Medicine and other schools the University supports.

$ 50 million ‘Penn integrates knowledge ‘ Neurosciences Initiative announced by PennThe University of Pennsylvania is a big investment in neuroscience, the interdisciplinary study of brain / behavior relationships and nervous system diseases account, with a $ 50,000 contribution from Penn’s Health System equip five new Penn integrates knowledge professorships.The study followed one the original clinical trial, that took place between 1983 and 1986. In the original study the 176 children that in the study randomized for the treatment with MST or individual treatment have been selected. For the study is situated Borduin data to over 80 % of respondents. On average, the follow-up appeared 21.9 years after treatment completion. Borduin said it was one of the largest post-treatment period follow-ups to for a psychological one evidence-based treatment of any disorder.

During his career has Borduin , a professor of psychology Science in College of Arts & Science, to prevent in the treatment in the treatment referred to Multisystemic Therapy as a way of in severe psychological problems among children and adolescents. CST interventions involve the offender all the family and the Community, like to common individual therapy, where the offender visit for a therapist, the center Comment, support and encouragement offered to the behavior changes offers not.

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