The study found.

Men can be brainwashed , and end up changing in their personality, views and beliefs , and in some extreme cases they can even take on their views and ideas in the world and come to feel incompetent . .. 70 percent of the differences between people in suggestibility through the various levels of negative life events that they have experienced can be explained, the study found. – We have also found that the way with adversity with adversity people had an impact on their psychological profile, said Kim. – The majority of people can be wary of repeated exposure to adversity to get to their own judgment, a person might be something to be true, but when they, for example, read something in a newspaper their their opinion, negative life eventsabout someone with a different view – point, that individual more likely to take on the other person’s point of view.

Kim said: Parents are role models for their children, and teach children how to be with stress when parents matter-of-fact about negative events and to cope with happy-go-lucky , then the Children can be to emulate that. On the back parents who to cope with stress / negative events in a stressed in turn in turn transfer behave in this way on their Children .. The study revealed that the role of parents is an important as education displays parents functional interaction with their children, which means that the children positive role models healthy healthy skills or dealing with stress / negative events in life can help to maintain a positive attitude in the child or adolescent with them with them throughout life.Associate Professor Jacqueline Center and Prof. John Eisman, from Sydney Garvan Institute of Medical Research, balanced those findings on information from the long running Dubbo Osteoporosis Epidemiology Study*.

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