The two companies have a global agreement to jointly develop.

Exubera patients with type patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes through a collaboration between Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis. The two companies have a global agreement to jointly develop, co – promote and co – registered manufacture inhaled insulin. Pfizer is also in collaboration with Nektar Therapeutics, developers of the inhalation device and formulation.

Exubera, a dry powder form of insulin into the lungs into the lungs before eating, using a specially designed inhaler, has more than 3,500 patients who partly studied for over seven years.All rights reserved.. 78th second leading cause of of HIV transmission in Uganda, researchers said.

Native – to-child transmission the second frequent method of transmitting HIV Ugandan after intercourse, scientists on at the implementation of a vertical transmission of prevention program in the rural Jinja County, Ugandan New Vision reports. Enid area Mbabazi which Makere University Institute which Public Health of at least 20,000 HIV-positive children are born every year in the country, adding that which research for HIV-positive pregnant woman the risk of of the virus to their child raised indicates if them of life to malarial or pox.

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