The word homeopathy was derived from the Greek homoios.

Alternative Therapies: Homeopathy The practice of homeopathy was founded and developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1790 . The word homeopathy was derived from the Greek homoios, meaning very similar, and pathos, meaning suffering. Hahnemann’s fundamental basic principle, the Law of Similars, noted that if a fix could mimic the symptoms of a particular disease, it would strengthen the healing response. In simple terms, this concept has been known as ‘like treatments like.’ Hahnemann developed homeopathic remedies based on medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, and bee venom even. Current practitioners have even made formulations from drugs such as antibiotics.

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The model works as follows. The suffering is seen by you of others and this leads to a sense of empathy, over which zero control is had by you. They are responses that we can impact. These responses, subsequently, can result in altruism and compassion, i.e. Understanding the additional person’s struggling and the willingness to ease it.’ Harmful perception unjustified Niezink is usually surprised about the fact that altruism is definitely undervalued inside our society. We cannot exist in isolation, so it is usually no scandal if we are prepared to help each other. I’m not saying we must, but we can. Altruism makes the globe a far more pleasant place.’ It is rewarding to help someone.

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