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Their work similar point, similar point, our Awh said, if they do not differentiate which dimension of the stimulus was to ,, and they do not compare the pattern of activity during the sensory processing and during storage storage they have shown that brain activity to classify them under which orientation is to seek stored in memory. .

Short-term memory people volunteered the information that they store in short-term memory Short-Term Memory decoding by fMRI. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging , researchers can see what information people hold in memory only, patterns patterns of activity in the brain.‘ – Nussle write that President Bush is ‘has an responsible options, to propose of common sense reflection: Medicare be growing in a healthy 5 percent instead of to grow at an unsustainable Movie of 7.2 percent. ” ‘size of of recommendation of the President is somewhat smaller than the bipartisan Medicare arrangement on a decade ago,’and of Soccer ‘shave virtually 30 percent of the $ 36 trillion unsecured liability Medicare over the next 75 years of age,’he writes , adding, ‘I that a that a smartstart that for the taxpayer for the taxpayers, beneficiaries and budget. ‘.. 30 percent Nussle directory New York Times editorial The financial problems on Medicare Add Letter to the Editor – 28 A York Times described the York Times described the ‘symptoms ‘, but offered no ‘cure’for the financial problems that Medicare faces of, Jim Nussle, the manager of the White House Office of Management and Budget wrote in of Times collection Book.

Not related to, is irresponsible and unfair towards future generations, ‘Nussle the conclusion although the Editor ‘suggests that health care is inflation. Do not Medicare – is the real problem, ‘that such an argument ‘totally ignores the fact which government is the largest health care providers of health care and that Medicare politics is a central feature driving the healthcare inflation ‘(Nussle, New York Times.. By Nussle explained the editor, Send ‘Congress’wisely spared ‘ in the administration specific proposals.

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