This award may be the highest recognition distributed by the U.

AstraZeneca provides received numerous ESGR condition awards because of its support for National Safeguard and Reserve employees, including many Patriot Awards, the aforementioned and Beyond Award and the Pro Patria Award.. AstraZeneca US President Rich Fante accepts Independence Award AstraZeneca accepted this year’s 2009 Secretary of Protection Employer Support Independence Award on Thursday at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. This award may be the highest recognition distributed by the U.S.‘We are very pleased to see the investment environment becoming even more friendly and conducive to businesses such as for example Concord Medical,’ Dr. Jianyu Yang, CEO and Chairman of Concord Medical, feedback. ‘The new policy will open more investment opportunities for all of us. We are motivated to make use of the latest change and strive to achieve our goal of becoming a innovator in the high-end, specialty health care support sectors in China.’ Initially promulgated by the NDRC and the Ministry of Commerce in 1995, the ‘Foreign Investment Catalogue’ serves as guidance for international traders in China by stipulating foreign invested sectors into different types such as ‘encouraged,’ ‘limited’ and ‘prohibited’.

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