This Roundtable will tackle regulatory problems surrounding nanomedicine commercialization.

After a PhD in Chemistry and a postdoctoral fellowship in a joint appointment between the Toxicology Program and the Chemistry Department at the University of Michigan she joined the FDA as a chemist focusing on nanotechnology. Her research involves assessing nanotechnology since it pertains to the efficacy and safety of therapeutics. Richard Phillips is definitely a worldwide Regulatory Consultant for PPD Global Regulatory Affairs, offering strategic global regulatory ways of optimize development and registration success and to identify and leverage obtainable regulatory opportunities while mitigating regulatory risk.Lead writer of the analysis Romina di Giuseppe says it was thought that the high amounts of antioxidants such as flavonoids and other kinds of polyphenols, may have beneficial results on the inflammatory state and the results confirmed this. Participants who frequently ate moderate levels of chocolates had significantly lower degrees of C-reactive protein within their blood showing their inflammatory state was considerably decreased. He says the 17 percent average reduction seen will do to decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease for one third in ladies and one fourth in men.

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