This will be carried out in collaboration with Coulter Department professor Gilda Barabino.

After determining which proteases play a role in sickle cell disease Platt will then determine how biomechanical conditions of sickle cell disease, such as altered blood flow and red cell stiffness cell-mediated remodeling of the arteries influence by these proteases. This will be carried out in collaboration with Coulter Department professor Gilda Barabino. Can use this information openings platforms combine quantitative measures of blood flow and inflammatory markers in patients with sickle cell disease to the narrowing of the artery found and associated protease remodeling.

Overall, Platt biochemical and biomechanical mechanisms of cardiovascular disease with predictive mathematical models that are robust to interpret clinical biomarkers, personalized medicine protocol, stroke sickle cell disease sickle cell disease to predict and reveal new mechanisms for therapeutic targets to develop and integrate. When successful, they could successful, they could be expanded to larger groups of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and heart valve stenosis.As people even eat vegetable containing PEITC, is has long history of human consumption without side effects. Apparently the dosage we are testing significantly higher as what we eat, is a vegetables, but we have organized several safety tests and found that this dosage to animals in animals, Dey said.

Barbarea verna, also known as Upland nasturtium and the early wintercress, an herb which used in salads, soups and side dishes, is one of the wealthiest sources of dietary PEITC in Dey degree. In humans. Scientists had already studied for their anticarcinogenic properties prior Dey study to its anti-inflammatory Things to Do. I. Tested this compound in a mouse that is already constructed and common What us found that it is is not only relieve several clinical indication of ulcerative colitis. The example, the damage that attenuates the colon the colon colonic epithelial colon epithelium like diarrhea such as diarrhea and blood in stool.

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