Tse Tse Kuan Yu.

The study, Tse – Tse – Kuan Yu, Ph. A resident in radiation oncology at MD Anderson and the study’s principal investigator analyzed 189 breast cancer patients who participated in a prospective randomized phase III study in the study. Patients had either four cycles of paclitaxel , followed by four cycles of 5 – flourouracil obtain, point out, and clyclophsphamide and then radiation therapy or eight cycles of FAC followed by irradiation.

Doctors administered, and the patient potentially life-saving alleviate these potentially life-saving treatments. .. In addition, these results disprove a previous smaller study that had suggested the dangerous correlation between taxanes, radiation, and lung damage. We have a unique opportunity to examine and clearly clear on the question in the study. Or not taxanes increase needed to focus radiation induced lung complications, Buchholz in the Department in the Department of Radiation Oncology at MD Anderson.Ovarian cancer to fourth most common cancer in the United Kingdom women, with a about 6,700 developing the condition and 4,600 die each year from.

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