Which is $ 20 million in funding to benefit 20 million people in 20 cities to see by 2015.

Joanna Conlon of StThe Mumbai Eye Care Campaign is part of the latest phase of the Seeing is Believing, which is $ 20 million in funding to benefit 20 million people in 20 cities to see by 2015, with a focus to bring comprehensive eye care services in urban areas – where more than half the world’s population lives. Elizabeth Kurian, Regional Director of Sight Savers India added, ‘The global success of Slumdog Millionaire, the reality of daily life in urban areas like Dharavi to of the world of the world, the Mumbai Eye Care Campaign brings quick and long. Lasting benefits and services, as many as one million fewer wealthy individuals Mumbai.

Sightsavers is looking forward in cooperation with Standard Chartered Bank and the Seeing Is Believing program and to work together with our partners, we are all about the lives of some the most affected population groups Mumbai with something as simple as a pair of glasses. .Aggressive and metastatic prostate cancer responsible for approximately 10,000 deaths each year in Britain. Chemotherapy is often used be disease, but are advantages of this treatment usually short-lived. A way to combine two different types of drugs for prostate can be contribute to the Results The. Also the survival of for those men.

The treatment in men with a advanced and aggressively form of prostate down to the bones to the bone aimed, that first of its kind to be developed. Combines traditional chemotherapy treatments with two cans of radioactive chemical that areas of bone affected with prostate can align.

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