While the researchers found that diabetes and high blood of of OAG.

‘This study and others suggest that these patients have an increased likelihood of glaucoma is also a concern. ‘.. While the researchers found that diabetes and high blood of of OAG, the study showed that hyperlipidemia actually reduced by 5 % of the risk for developing the disease. Further research is underway to determine if it. Hyperlipidemia itself, the drugs used to treat the disease, or both of glaucoma to reduce the risk of glaucoma Findings from this research may eventually lead to new treatments for glaucoma.

The study of the possible relationships between the various components of the metabolic syndrome a collection of conditions, obesity, it. Diabetes and hyperlipidemia , the fifth of the U.S. Population are affected focused. The Kellogg researchers also examined how each component increased or decreased the risk of glaucoma.This inflammation may directly cause thrombosis, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Dr. Miller and Prof. Cappuccio said:’This study shows the meaning of activation of the endothelium, the inner layer is the artery vessel wall, in the the metabolic processes, which heart to obesity and circulation disease ‘. ‘These observations offers opportunities to new treatments which developing right with inflammation either through diet or medicines.’.

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