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Caffeine consumption and the risk of breast cancer in a large prospective cohort of women Ken Ishitani;. Jennifer Lin, JoAnn E. Julie E http://kamagrasverige.org . Buring, Shumin M. Zhang Archives of Internal Medicine , 168[18]: pp. 2022-2031. Click here.

Ken Ishitani, and colleagues analyzed a sample of 38,432 women who were 45 years or older from 1992 to 1995 in age. The researchers collected dietary information and followed the women over a period of ten years . During this time, 1188 women developed invasive breast cancer. – The key finding was that the consumption of caffeine and caffeinated beverages and foods that are not statistically significantly associated with overall risk of breast cancer. The researchers also found that among women with benign breast disease, there was a non-significant positive association between breast cancer risk and is in the highest fifth of consumption of caffeine. This subgroup of women also had a positive and significant correlation between breast cancer and is in the highest category of consumption of coffee – 4 cups or more each day.

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Elderly fighting high cholesterol or are more stop taking their medication as they reach to Medicare Coverage Gap, a result able may of for heart attack and stroke. New research results from Medco Health Solutions in that Medicare beneficiaries required cholesterol-lowering statins almost twice as often to abandon their cholesterol – fighting medication if they reach the coverage gap , or donut hole, and responsibility for cash the total cost of her medication when, in the early stages of the use if the cost of the medication are covered with. Studies have shown that this medication – like statins – reduce risk of myocardial infarction and stroke patients with high cholesterol levels.

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